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Airtel Customer Care – Airtel Helpline Number and Complaint Number

Airtel Customer Care Number – If you are an Airtel India customer and are seeking help regarding Airtel 4g problems or Airtel Internet problems, we are listing all important Airtel Customer Care Numbers for all Indian States. These Airtel toll free helpline numbers are free to call and you can get all telecom help here. Check JIO Customer Care Number here.

How to contact Airtel Customer Care Executives?


So, if you want to contact Airtel Customer Care Executives, here are all the important helpline numbers mentioned in tabular format. The article below has information about Airtel prepaid customer care number as well as Airtel postpaid Customer care number.

  1. Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Number

    If you are an Airtel prepaid customer, we’ve gathered all information regarding Airtel Prepaid Customer care number. To contact Airtel customer service executive, please follow the guidelines mentioned here.

    Airtel Prepaid States Prepaid Customer Care Number
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Andhra Pradesh 9849098490
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Chennai 9840198401
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Tamil Nadu 9894198941
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Karnataka 9845098450
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Kerala 9895198951
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Orissa 9937099370
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care West Bengal 9933099330
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Assam 9954099540
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Kolkata 9831098310
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Bihar 9934099340
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Haryana 9896098960
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Delhi NCR 9810198101
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Uttar Pradesh East 9935199351
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Uttar Pradesh West 9897098970
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Gujarat 9898098980
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Jammu 9906099060
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Punjab 9815098150
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Himachal Pradesh 9816098160
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Mumbai 9892098920
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Maharashtra 9890098900
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Rajasthan 9950099500
    Airtel Prepaid Customer Care Madhya Pradesh 9893098930
  2. Airtel Postpaid Customer Care Number

    However, if you are an Airtel Postpaid Customer, we have brought for you the complete list of Airtel postpaid toll free number and state-wise Airtel helpline numbers. You can get all customer support service for Airtel postpaid users and call the customer care executive.

    State Wise Airtel postpaid Regions Postpaid Customer Care Number
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Andhra Pradesh 9849012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Chennai 9840012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Tamil Nadu 9894012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Karnataka 9845012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Kerala 9895012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Orissa 9937012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care West Bengal 9933012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Assam 9954012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Kolkata 9831012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Bihar 9934012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Haryana 9896012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Delhi NCR 9810012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Uttar Pradesh East 9935012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Uttar Pradesh West 9897012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Gujarat 9898012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Jammu 9906012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Punjab 9815012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Himachal Pradesh 9816012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Mumbai 9892012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Maharashtra 9890012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Rajasthan 9829012345
    Airtel postpaid Customer Care Madhya Pradesh 9893012345
  3. Toll Free Airtel USSD Codes for Self-Service

    Many Airtel services can be self-checked without need of talking to customer care executives and so this is how you can easily use these Airtel USSD Codes for checking balance, checking sms balance, checking data balance and more.

    Airtel Services USSD Codes
    Airtel Main account balance check USSD code  *123#
    Airtel SMS (message) balance check ussd code  *123*2#
    Airtel 2G Internet Data (GPRS) balance check ussd code  *123*10#
    Airtel 3G Internet Data (GPRS) balance check ussd code  *123*11#
    Airtel 4G internet data (GPRS) balance check ussd code  *123*11#
    Airtel local minute balance check ussd code  *123*1#
    Airtel STD minute balance check ussd code  *123*8#
    Airtel local SMS (Message) Balance check ussd code  *123*2#
    Airtel STD SMS (Message) Balance check ussd code  *123*3#
    Airtel Main menu ussd code  *121#
    Airtel special best offer check ussd code  *121*1#
    Airtel 2G Internet Data Pack check code *121*8#
    Airtel 3G Internet Data Pack check code  *121*8#
    Airtel 4G Internet Data Pack check code  *121*8#
    Airtel loan ussd code,  Airtel loan number code  *141*10#
    Airtel VAS value added service ussd codes  *121*4#
    Activate Airtel VAS (value added service) services  SMS “START” to 121
     Deactivate Airtel VAS (value added service) services  SMS “STOP” to 121
    Airtel own number check ussd codes  *121*1#

Airtel Complaint Service Number and E-mail Address

If you have any complaint about Airtel, you can complaint either through these Airtel complaint services. Please find all information regarding Airtel Complaint forum and get solution to all your Airtel complaint related problems. So in case you have any such problem, seek help through these phone numbers, email address and other means.

You can complaint about Airtel here .

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  5. I am an aged person of over 72 years and using your connection since 19th of December,2018. But sorry to say that I am not getting proper service from your end since then. My Phone number and email address were taken by you repeatedly from time to time but the actual information were not recorded so far. Recently,email address has been rectified but the phone number remains incorrect as yet. The Phone number should be 9830086831 though I have brought these to your notice several times. The other problem is that continuous interruption in Internet connection while on process of some programme.

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